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Short comedy documentary Running With Homestar being unveiled Saturday

Jamie Rogers' past films were accepted into Barrie Film Festival's annual short film competition and all placed
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Running With Homestar is a new short documentary-comedy film being released on Vimeo this Saturday.

The film follows 21-year-old film student Jamie Rogers, who also directs the film, as he ventures to find out why nobody except for him seems to remember Homestar Runner, a cult favourite web-series from the early 2000s that has faded from the cultural zeitgeist.

As he investigates, Jamie also attempts to get into contact with The Brothers Chaps, AKA the Chapman Brothers, the series' elusive creators. While Jamie's quest often leads to funnier results than it does concrete answers, the film is still an insightful look into cult fandom and pop culture relevance.

The short will be available to watch on Jamie's Vimeo page on Saturday.

This is Jamie's first foray into documentary filmmaking, but he has had much success in the past with fiction. With co-director Mitch Graszat, Rogers has made many short films such as Locked Out (2015), Platonic (2017), and Raider (2018). 

These three were accepted into the Barrie Film Festival's annual short film competition and all placed, with Platonic winning the People's Choice Award as well. Jamie is now approaching his fourth year at Ryerson and is currently finishing up a new horror-comedy short called Heart Attack Man.