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Lifesaving defibrillator program launches in Springwater

Automated external defibrillator SaveStations to be installed throughout the township
2019-08-30 SaveStation
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The Township of Springwater is proud to announce we are the first-ever municipality to launch a full SaveStation community program.

This program will see the Township place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) into highly visible and easily recognizable SaveStations that are designed for public use.

To ensure that these life-saving devices are available 24/7 year-round, the Township has decided to relocate the majority of the AEDs into outdoor SaveStations.

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is one of Canada’s leading causes of death, affecting anyone, anywhere, at any time. SCA is described as when an individual is not conscious and not breathing normally, due to their heart no longer beating effectively.

When someone is in SCA, 911, CPR and access to an AED is critical. AEDs are easy and safe to use, and will only provide a shock to the heart if necessary.

While these devices have become more easily accessible in public spaces such as schools, arenas and municipal buildings in the last few years, most AEDs are housed indoors. A large percentage of cardiac arrests happen after hours when buildings are closed, meaning that the AEDs now become inaccessible.

When a cardiac arrest happens, quick access to an AED is critical to ensure the best chance of survival. Every minute without an AED, the chance of survival drops 10 per cent. Placing AEDs in outdoor SaveStations will significantly increase the chance of survival by making the devices more accessible, to anyone, at any time.

Each outdoor SaveStation features a weatherproof AED cabinet that provides real-time feedback on the device’s ready-for-use status as well as a climate-controlled environment and backlighting. Upon cabinet opening, a visual and audible alert will sound, a camera will begin taking photos, and a text message alert system will automatically notify a group of volunteer responders.

The outdoor units will be installed at the following locations in Springwater:
    •    Anten Mills Community Centre
    •    Doran Park (Tennis Courts) and Doran Park (Baseball Field)
    •    Elmvale Community Hall and Elmvale Library
    •    Grenfel Community Centre
    •    Hillsdale Community Centre
    •    Midhurst Community Centre and Midhurst Library
    •    Minesing Community Centre
    •    Phelpston Rink
    •    Tree Nursery Sports Park

Existing interior units will be updated with consistent SaveStation signage and cabinets.

The project totals approximately $33,000. The investment was made possible through private sector donations to the annual Springwater Swing Charity Golf Tournament.

“The Township of Springwater is proud to be the first municipality in Canada to make AEDs truly accessible by placing twelve outdoor units at hotspots across our community,” said Mayor Don Allen. “We’re incredibly grateful to the local businesses and golf attendees who supported this project by contributing to our annual charity golf tournament.”

The Township plans to grow the project and community members are invited to get involved by championing the units in their neighbourhood and learning more about the SaveStation Movement.

Official unveiling and training

An official unveiling of the SaveStations will take place during the Anten Mills Family Fun Day event on Saturday, Sept. 7 at 11:45 a.m. at the Anten Mills Community Centre (3985 Horseshoe Valley Rd. W).

The Township is also on a mission to provide everyone with the power to save a life. Free community CPR/AED training will be available over multiple dates this fall. Details will be released on

About SaveStation

SaveStations provide consistent, recognizable housing for all the leading AEDs on the market. The SaveStation Movement empowers the placement of SaveStations in accessible indoor and outdoor areas throughout our communities, standardizing the visual treatment and creating awareness that everyone can help save lives. When someone collapses from sudden cardiac arrest, a SaveStation is where anyone can go for quick access to a defibrillator to assist in reviving them. SaveStation was designed to unite the industry with one standard look for an AED cabinet in order to assist the public quickly identify where a defibrillator is in an emergency and to access its easy-to-use life-saving equipment.

Recently, SaveStation was awarded “New Product of the Year” by Occupational Health and Safety. Visit for more details.

About Township of Springwater

The Township of Springwater is one of sixteen member municipalities within the County of Simcoe. Comprised of both urban and rural communities, Springwater is a popular four-season destination and home to approximately 19,000 residents. Visit our website at

Quick Facts
    •    Sudden cardiac arrest is a medical emergency causing death if not immediately treated; an estimated 40,000 deaths occur each year in Canada.
    •    Up to 85 per cent of cardiac arrests happen in homes and public spaces, where the chance of surviving is a dismal 10 per cent. When an AED is used within 10 minutes, the survival rate increases to 75 per cent.