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KPMG study finds Barrie a good place to do business

Competitive Alternatives 2016 report prepared by KPMG puts Barrie among top contenders of business-friendly communities in Canada and globally
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"KPMG report confirms what we've known all along; Barrie is one of the top places in the world to do business"
- Rod Jackson, CEO, Barrie Chamber of Commerce


BARRIE - The recently released Competitive Alternatives 2016 report prepared by KPMG provides some excellent news for Barrie businesses.

Barrie has been ranked 5th among the 17 Canadian cities featured in the study, while also ranking 7th among all 111 cities that were included in the study across 10 countries.

The sectors where Barrie received the strongest results were manufacturing, where Barrie received a 2nd place ranking, and the digital services sector, where Barrie received a 3rd place ranking.


"This is outstanding news for both current and new businesses in Barrie. It's encouraging to see Barrie being recognized for all it has to offer businesses," said Rod Jackson, CEO, Barrie Chamber of Commerce.

"Being ranked number one regionally, and 2nd place overall in Canada for manufacturing, only confirms what the Barrie Chamber has always believed, that Barrie is a great place to grow your business," added Jackson. "This is encouraging news for those interested in opening a business in Barrie, and for those considering relocating to our great city."

Highlights from report

  • A 1st place ranking in four out of twelve manufacturing operations reviewed in Canada.
  • These first place rankings earned Barrie a 4th overall ranking for the manufacturing sector. 
  • Barrie possesses the 2nd lowest property tax costs among the 17 Canadian cities compared in the study.
  • Barrie offers the 3rd lowest costs for transportation and office leasing among the 17 cities compared in the study.

To view the report please click here