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'Getting to Know You' an activity that creates conversation

Barrie man markets a card game to get people talking again

What would get people to put down the phone and talk with each other?

Barrie's Terry Leigh is hoping his new card game called Getting To Know You might encourage a new trend.

It's two decks of cards and a total of 214 questions to spark conversation.

Leigh says, "I prefer to call it an activity rather than a game. The purpose is to create conversation. I was noticing that eye to eye communication was suffering  and I wanted to find a way to get people to put down their phones and start talking again. My goal would be to bring families together and also help people learn about each other."

Leigh came up with concept, design and questions and is doing his own marketing.

"As a journalist for most of my life I was always interested in the journey of people. I suppose a lot of the questions came from my career and finding ways to get people to open up. In any social situation there are always a few dominant personalities who do all the talking and a few who just sit back and listen. In this activity, everyone takes part and gets to answer questions and are encouraged to explain why they gave that answer. Two players will answer the same question before moving on."

Questions touch on many topics, for instance:

"What is the one thing you want to know the absolute truth about?"

"If time travel were possible, when and where would you go?"

"What one event in history would you change?"

It can be played solo for introspection or with two or more.

Leigh thinks it would be great for long driving trips or around the kitchen table or a campfire.It could also be a good team building experience at a workplace.

"We all have something to say and we can all learn from each other. My hope would be that the activity could bond people together or maybe encourage a shy person to open up. If people would just put the phone down for awhile, it would be great."

The game has been for sale for just two weeks but Leigh is hoping to visit summer festivals, churches and senior homes to get feedback.

It costs $20. For more information, please click here.



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