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Community Builders Awards: Nikki Glahn creates powerful, long-lasting social change in Barrie

The Hall of Fame Award recipient founded Barrie Families Unite in response to COVID-19, which has helped keep Barrie connected ever since

In March 2020, when the world was grappling with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nikki Glahn emerged as a community leader. 

Recognizing the needs of homeless and food-insecure individuals amidst closures, she founded a Facebook group called “Barrie Families Unite” to ease access to essential resources.

Under Nikki's leadership, the group quickly gained popularity, bridging gaps in services for those in need. 

What began as a modest effort transformed into an incredible 21,000-strong community. 

Now a registered non-profit, the group of volunteers share resources, fundraise for local organizations and discreetly assist individuals with specific needs.

Nikki's dedication to grassroots connections shines through as she partners with community organizations to address the challenges faced by Barrie residents with compassion. 

Through Barrie Families Unite, she has formed alliances with these local organizations and initiated projects such as clothing drives and campaigns for gently used household items, easing the burden on struggling families.

Nikki's efforts extend beyond immediate relief; she has inspired kindness, generosity and enduring bonds among community members. 

Her leadership has established a support system that effectively addresses local issues, making her a dynamic force in overcoming obstacles in Barrie.

The Hall of Fame Award is presented to an individual or a group that has had a significant impact on the community. 

Congratulations, Nikki!

This award is proudly sponsored by Simcoe Solutions.

BarrieToday is proud to make a difference in our community by highlighting extraordinary individuals and organizations with our Community Builders Awards, a foundational piece of our BarrieToday Cares program.

Our mission is to create meaningful change in Barrie — and inspire others to do the same.