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Community Builders Awards: Mary-Anne Frith is this year’s Unsung Hero

Mary-Anne Frith is a fearless leader and unsung hero who works hard to make Barrie a better place for future generations

Mary-Anne Frith is a remarkable leader and unsung hero dedicated to enhancing the future of Barrie for generations to come.

Over the past two decades, Mary-Anne has made a profound impact on our community through her philanthropy and volunteer work.

Currently serving as the vice-chair of the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre Foundation’s Board of Directors, Mary-Anne is spearheading the Keep Life Wild campaign, a groundbreaking 10-year initiative to raise $100 million and fund a new hospital for the Simcoe-Muskoka region.

However, her contributions extend far beyond fundraising. Mary-Anne excels at organizing community events, inspiring others, mobilizing volunteers and forging impactful collaborations. 

Her efforts have significantly improved access to healthcare resources in Barrie.

Additionally, Mary-Anne co-founded A Ripple of Kindness, a group that has grown to 329 women and raised over $370,000 for local organizations. 

Through this initiative, she has touched numerous lives, extending a helping hand to those facing dire circumstances and fostering a spirit of unity among residents.

Mary-Anne's philanthropic endeavours have supported organizations such as Gilda’s Club Simcoe Muskoka, Hospice Simcoe, Children’s Aid, the Barrie Food Bank, the Busby Centre and many more local groups.

She serves as a prime example of the impact one person can make and underscores the power of giving back through acts of kindness, generosity and selflessness. 

Mary-Anne Frith's commitment continues to improve Barrie's future better, leaving a lasting impact on our community.

This award is presented to an individual or group whose tireless work and/or volunteer efforts in our community seek to improve the lives of others. The recipient has created a positive impact in our community both now and for the future.

Congratulations, Mary-Anne!

This award is proudly sponsored by Bill Gosling Outsourcing.

BarrieToday is proud to make a difference in our community by highlighting extraordinary individuals and organizations with our Community Builders Awards, a foundational piece of our BarrieToday Cares program.

Our mission is to create meaningful change in Barrie — and inspire others to do the same.