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Community Builders Awards: Living Green Barrie recognized for over 30 years of environmental leadership

This year’s Environment Award Recipient is a non-profit organization with a legacy of climate action here in Barrie

Living Green Barrie, a resilient local non-profit organization, has been a driving force behind environmental projects and initiatives in Barrie for over three decades. 

Living Green has always been at the forefront of innovation in Barrie.

They played a pivotal role in bringing plastic recycling to Barrie, launched the first ever Spring into Clean litter picking events and ran the city’s first water saving and energy saving workshops.

These ideas have since been adopted by the City of Barrie and continue to inspire the local community. 

At the heart of this organization is a dedicated team of volunteers who have passionately worked towards transforming Barrie into a greener and healthier place to live. 

One of their many notable achievements was the creation of Barrie’s first community garden in Sunnidale Park, providing a communal space for residents to connect with nature and promote sustainable living.

Living Green's ambitious tree-planting initiative has seen the successful planting of over 5,000 native trees and shrubs, with a lofty goal of reaching 10,000 trees in Barrie. 

Beyond just planting, the organization advocates for tree protection and offers free public education on proper planning, ensuring a thriving urban forest for generations to come.

Central to Living Green's mission is their dedication to providing community members with practical solutions to local climate challenges.

They achieve this by offering environmental solutions that are easy to implement into everyday life. 

Notably, they have helped to install over 10,000 low-flow toilets, flow-restricting tap aerators and low-flow shower heads in local households, empowering families to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable living practices.

Living Green actively engages the community through a variety of events, workshops and webinars.

These platforms feature informative speakers and impactful documentaries, fostering awareness, education and local action on pressing environmental concerns. 

Their wealth of expertise spans clean investing, energy, electric vehicles, nature, environmental consulting, fundraising and forest therapy, positioning them as leaders in the field.

Crucial to their success is Living Green's commitment to collaboration. By forging partnerships with like-minded organizations and institutions, they have amplified the impact of their work. 

Through these collaborations, Living Green demonstrates to the average citizen how their individual actions can collectively make a significant difference for the future of our environment. 

Living Green's legacy in Barrie is not merely one of environmental action but also of community empowerment and collective responsibility, setting a shining example for sustainable living.

The Environment Award is presented to a person who has had a positive impact on our environment, demonstrating to the rest of us what is possible in improving our community’s environmental footprint.

Congratulations to the team at Living Green Barrie!

This award is proudly sponsored by Bath Fitter.

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