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Community Builders Awards: Angela Odusanya is a champion for local schools, ensuring a brighter future for our children

This year’s Education Award winner is an advocate for play-based learning, fostering creativity in children and encouraging problem-solving and open-ended play

Angela Odusanya is a dedicated early childhood educator celebrated for her transformative impact on children, parents and teachers alike. 

With over two decades of unwavering dedication, Angela Odusanya embodies the spirit of putting children first in every educational endeavour.

Currently a teacher of kindergarten students, Angela is an advocate for play-based learning, an approach that nurtures creativity, encourages problem-solving and fosters open-ended play.

Beyond the classroom, Angela penned an original children's book, Amelia’s Loose Part Art, outlining the essence of play-based learning.

Through this story, she highlights the importance of allowing children to explore, innovate and solve problems using the resources at their fingertips.

The book aims to not only empower children but also equip educators and parents with the tools to support this invaluable journey.

A lifelong learner herself, Angela is constantly engaging in professional development courses and workshops in order to expand her knowledge.

As a result, she has become a source of knowledge for parents and educators alike. 

Angela is not just an educator; she is a relentless advocate.

Through her active support, she ensures that both children and early childhood educators have the necessary resources to thrive. 

In honouring Angela Odusanya with the Community Builders Award, we recognize not just an exceptional educator, but a catalyst for change - a visionary sculpting the future leaders of tomorrow through creativity, curiosity and limitless possibilities.

The Education Award is presented to a student, teacher, administrator, or education advocate who has made a difference in our community. 

Congratulations, Angela!

This award is proudly sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Barrie.

BarrieToday is proud to make a difference in our community by highlighting extraordinary individuals and organizations with our Community Builders Awards, a foundational piece of our BarrieToday Cares program.

Our mission is to create meaningful change in Barrie — and inspire others to do the same.