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BEHIND THE SCENES: Cat rescue searches frantically for new home

BarrieToday reporter Shawn Gibson takes us behind the scenes with what's happening with Street Cats Animal Rescue following May 26 fire

Street Cats Animal Rescue is in need of a new home following a devastating fire last month that rendered their Oro-Medonte location uninhabitable.

The facility's executive director, Carol Snow, expressed the urgency of finding a new space and called on the community for support. The May 26 blaze, which started when a garbage truck caught fire near the building, caused significant damage and displaced 56 cats.

Despite hopes of a swift return, the extent of the damage and the time required for repairs prompted the search for a new location.

The rescue centre, which had been at the Shanty Bay Road site for 15 years, hopes to find a new space in the Barrie area with around 2,000 square feet of space, including amenities such as an overhead door, a bathroom and a small kitchen.

The fire not only disrupted the shelter's operations but also forced the cats to be scattered across temporary locations, adding to the challenges faced by the staff and volunteers during their busiest time of the year.

Snow acknowledged the financial challenges of securing a new place and emphasized the reliance on community support to sustain their operations, as adoption fees alone are not sufficient.

Snow's dedication to the welfare of the animals and the commitment to the people involved in the rescue reflects her passion and empathy. The organization seeks assistance from anyone who can provide a new location or make donations to support their mission.

Video Summary:

A local animal shelter, Street Cats Animal Rescue, is in urgent need of community support after a devastating fire at their facility in Oro-Medonte. The blaze started when a garbage truck caught fire and spread to the building, endangering the lives of the cats inside. The shelter's operations have been significantly impacted, with cats being temporarily housed in different locations and the need for immediate financial assistance for food, medicine, and veterinary care.

The shelter is actively seeking a new permanent residence as the current location requires extensive repairs that will take months to complete. The primary requirement for the new space is sufficient room to accommodate the approximately 50 cats and basic amenities such as a bathroom. Monetary support is crucial to ensure the continuation of essential services and the ability to address medical needs for the cats, including surgeries and dental work.

Those interested in supporting the shelter can reach out to Street Cats Animal Rescue through their website or Facebook page. Donations towards food, medicine, and veterinary expenses are greatly appreciated. The shelter relies on the generosity of the community to fulfill their mission of finding homes for cats and providing them with the necessary care and support.