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BEHIND THE SCENES: Barrie boy takes charge of diabetic cat's care

BarrieToday reporter Kevin Lamb takes us behind the scenes

Lisa Donley's family was given the news a few months ago that their beloved cat, Demon, was suffering from diabetes.

The family was informed that Demon would require his blood-sugar levels to be checked twice a day, and would need to be given insulin shots when necessary.

However, Lisa's 11-year-old son Taylor Green, decided that he wanted to be the one to take care of Demon's medical needs. After his uncle taught him how to test Demon's blood and administer insulin, Taylor now does it all by himself twice a day.

The family veterinarian was impressed by the boy's efforts, stating that most adults would struggle to do what he does.

Demon has taken all the testing and shots in stride, resting comfortably while Taylor takes care of him.

Although the cat doesn't always enjoy the process, Taylor has become an expert in administering the treatments. His hard work has paid off as Demon has not needed insulin shots for several weeks, and the family is monitoring him closely to see if he can come off the treatments altogether.

Brian Backland, a former medic, taught Taylor how to administer the insulin and test Demon's blood. He used an orange to simulate the experience of giving an intramuscular needle, and Taylor quickly became proficient.

Their veterinarian, Dr. Dianne Lawrence of VCA Canada Barrie Animal Hospital, was impressed by Taylor's efforts and thinks that this could be a gateway to becoming a veterinarian someday. The family has reduced the testing to once daily, and if the results continue to be good, they will reduce it even further.

Video summary: 

An 11-year-old boy named Taylor Green from Barrie has become an extraordinary caregiver for his cat named Demon, who suffers from diabetes. Taylor learned how to administer insulin shots and test his cat's blood sugar levels with the help of his uncle, who is a former medic with the Canadian military. Taylor's efforts in caring for his cat have been recognized by family members and professionals alike, and even their veterinarian is aware of Taylor's involvement. The vet was amazed and happy to see that Taylor was involved in his cat's medical needs.

When asked about his career path, Taylor wasn't sure but thought becoming a doctor or veterinarian might be a good path. He is currently a bat boy with the Barrie Baycats baseball team and loves travelling with the team. Taylor is described as a remarkable kid who is very focused on what he is doing and has a clear love for his cat Demon. He was very meticulous in explaining the system of what he does and walked through each step of his care. 

The vet is pretty certain that Demon doesn't have diabetes anymore, and the testing has been reduced to weekly and then monthly. They are confident that this system has helped, and Demon will be free of diabetes. It's a heartwarming story about a boy's compassion for his feline friend, and residents in Barrie and beyond have been amazed to see how Taylor has taken on such a huge responsibility at such a young age.