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Barrie library taking part in new program promoting inclusivity, eliminating racism

Dialectic receives funding to optimize online training platform called Learning Snippets to inspire behavioural change across distanced employees
2018-05-22 Barrie downtown library 2 RB
The downtown branch of the Barrie Public Library is shown in a file photo. Raymond Bowe/BarrieToday


Dialectic, one of Canada’s leading experts in organizational psychology and learning, is adapting its science-based DEI training solutions to support organizations through the many changes brought on by COVID-19.

With a new platform, including a desktop and mobile app, as well as email and mobile notifications, employees can now experience a flexible approach to DEI training that fits any workplace model. 

To date, Dialectic has successfully implemented strong DEI practices with a variety of clients spanning technology, municipal government and information services, through its online platform known as Learning Snippets.

Comprising quick scenario-based lessons, Learning Snippets provides users with real-life examples of how they can combat Anti-Black Racism at work, actively reduce unconscious bias and improve their workplace’s culture of inclusivity. All scenarios have been validated by subject matter experts in each niche. 

“The program has addressed nuanced, intersectional situations that many individuals may not have considered previously,” shares Barrie Public Library Community Librarian and Learning Snippets participant, Maria Romano. “The small, case-study format makes the training accessible and easy to discuss at meetings amongst colleagues. I found this feature to be the most impactful in that they inspired discussion without feeling overwhelming.”

Learning Snippets is already making a real impact in workplaces. Over 80 per cent of users report feeling more confident about handling DEI situations in their workplaces after completing the program. Similarly, these same users report they are more likely to take action if they see a colleague behaving in a biased way and can apply the insights from the programs directly to their workplace. 

Now more than ever, it is vital that workplaces take a proactive approach to DEI, extending consistent and effective training to their workforce. During Women’s History Month and onward, Dialectic’s new platform is providing workplaces with the opportunity to instill ongoing DEI training that can fit any schedule.

Equipping every client and key channel partner with the tools they need to lead effective virtual or in-person discussions on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, employers can create safe spaces for their employees to learn new skills over time.

“As a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion education provider, collaborations and partnerships enable Making Change to provide high quality content and tools that guide individuals and organizations forward,” says Making Change President and Acting Chair, Michèle Newton. “We love seeing our clients continue their learning journey by engaging with the Learning Snippets Anti-Black Racism module after our educational presentation is over. Our partnership with Learning Snippets has increased our educational impact and effectiveness.”

With advisory services and research and development funding of up to CAD $115,000 from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP), Dialectic has developed a platform and app that provides users with a faster, more flexible training experience. An additional new feature allows all users to receive a downloadable certificate upon completion to illustrate their commitment to enhancing their workplace’s inclusive culture.

How workplaces interact and engage has changed. Dialectic is meeting this challenge with scientifically-proven DEI training designed to fit any schedule and workplace model, while accelerating long term changes in biased thinking and DEI practices.

Working collaboratively with all clients and channel partners, Dialectic’s new platform has the ability to improve workplace culture and create a safe space for everyone, even as colleagues work from home.