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Allegations false and physically impossible, says Barrie doc

A Barrie dermatologist accused of rubbing his genitals on female patients during medical exams says the allegations are false and physically impossible.
Dr. Rodion Kunynetz.

A Barrie dermatologist accused of rubbing his genitals on female patients during medical exams says the allegations are false and physically impossible.

However, Dr. Rodion Kunynetz's defence failed to convince a Divisional Court judge to quash the suspension of his medical certificate.

In a written judgment released in November, 2015, Judge Harriet Sachs wrote that Kunynetz provided evidence from a urologist that the combination of his large belly and penis size would have prevented the latter from touching patients seated in an examination room.

"Part of his job requires him to be in close physical contact with his patients and to examine all parts of their bodies," Judge Sachs wrote in her ruling.

"He also contends that he is a large man and it may have been that his abdomen accidentally came into contact with his patients when he was examining them."

But in her ruling the judge upheld the College of Physicians and surgeons of Ontario's suspension until Kinynetz's disciplinary hearing which begins today in Toronto.

Kunynetz, 63, contends that "nothing inappropriate occurred during any of the examinations that he conducted."

The college's summary of events states that he failed to provide appropriate privacy and/or proper covering or gowns during a medical appointment for his patient. He is said to have removed clothing without proper warning and without consent, moved undergarments in order to look at a patient's genital area and breasts, touched a patient's breasts in an inappropriate and sexual manner and rubbed and/or pressed his genitals against patients.

None of the allegations have been proven in court.

The college initially imposed restrictions on the dermatologist's practice, including requiring a female monitor remain in his examination rooms and keep a journal detailing patient visits. Additionally, he was required to post a sign in his waiting and exam rooms detailing the college's investigation.

Kunynetz is reported to have breached conditions last summer and his license to practice was suspended in September.

His disciplinary hearing is expected to last for the rest of this week and continue on Jan. 18 to 22, Jan. 25 to 28, March 14 to 18, and March 28 to 31.

Kunynetz is also scheduled to appear in Barrie court Jan. 12 to face two criminal sexual assault charges.


Robin MacLennan

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