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The Mystics set to release new EP with fresh sound coming out of lockdown

'Badlands' will be available on all streaming platforms July 7


The new EP Badlands from Canadian rock band The Mystics arrives on all major streaming platforms on July 7, 2021.

  • Following up the success of last year’s single Black Widow, the band took the opportunity through the lockdown to explore a new direction for their music, represented in this album.

  • Stacked with five singles, each capturing the pillars of their sound, Badlands is the journey to where they are now and embodies the phoenix rising from the ashes.

After the two successful 2020 single releases, American Man and Black Widow, The Mystics saw the death of their previous classic rock sound and went searching for new horizons. Through the process of stripping away old habits and shedding the skin of the past, the band began exploring and building a new way to approach making music. The Badlands EP is a reflection of the journey they took.

Badlands is an EP recorded at a crossroads; no deal with some devil, though, like in American Man, just an honest exploration of what it means to be challenged as an artist.

A lot has changed during lockdown and these songs reflect the alchemizing of the band’s experiences turning from lead to gold.

The first single, West Wind, speaks to when common heartbreak causes us to spiral away from what’s healthy, safe and familiar. Through the pain we carry on, but lose control; driving with no hands at the wheel. The next track Guttural represents succumbing to anger; slamming on the gas pedal in a car with no breaks, in an attempt to escape our emotions. It’s a track inspired by a discontentment with society, and the direction we’re headed.

The title track Badlands is a soulful and dark story about losing our way and taking a wrong turn down a bad path in life. Loss can bring about feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability that create many of the issues we face in adulthood, and before you know it you find yourself in place of unfamiliarity. This no man’s land can exist like a purgatory and with no tether.

Doing Time is the longing for a past that never served us; being trapped in our mind and seeking comfort in isolation. Out of the darkness, and perhaps unexpectedly, a symbol emerges; like a hand reaching out to guide us home. Grasping for breath where there is no air, your eroded self stumbles upon the precious plant like a satellite in the void, offering the love and salvation that was there all along.

Mountain Flower is the culmination of facing the dark side and reaching for the sunlight.

With the world opening up, The Mystics have evolved and are ready to leave the badlands behind. Having pushed through the struggles, they’ve come a long way in a short time and looking back is no longer an option.

While mixing the EP, Badlands caught the eye and ear of Bradley Denniston, platinum-selling L.A. producer from Radium Records who decided to take the project on and master the tracks. With new management, industry support and additional collaborators on the record, The Mystics are getting themselves back together.

Slowing down, getting still and refocusing their efforts have paid off in this relaunch extended play of killer tunes that are instantly memorable and take listeners on an emotional journey that speaks to the times.

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