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Folk singer Zachary Lucky takes the stage at Innisfil Live Music (6 photos)

Local musician, Zachary Lucky wows the crowd with an intimate performance in Innisfil Saturday night

What do you do when you have a comfortably sized home, a wide-open basement and plenty of friends who love folk music? 

The best answer that Ginny Clements and Patty McLaughlin could come up with was to install some lights, a sound system and some seating to create Innisfil Live Music. 

“We’re in it for the music, not the money,” said Patty McLaughlin, co-owner of Innisfil Live Music. 

“We bought the house and had the space, so this is what we do.”

With a focus on folk music, Innisfil Live Music hosts intimately comfortable “House Concerts” with musicians from around the world bringing their unique sounds to a local audience.

On Saturday night, singer/songwriter Zachary Lucky played an acoustic set from his newest album, MidWestern, to a tight-knit crowd.

Originally from Saskatoon and currently residing in Orillia, Lucky met Clements and McLaughlin while camping with his family at the ‘Live from the Rock Folk Festival’ in Red Rock, Ont.

After spending the festival hammering through workshops and creating music with the founders of Innisfil Live Music, who are both accomplished folk musicians, Lucky and his family became friends with the duo and arrangements were made to perform in Innisfil.

Lucky, a folk singer and songwriter who is often mistaken for a country singer, has been performing his music for the last 10 years.

“About a year ago, we put out this new album that we’ve got called MidWestern. We’ve toured around Ontario and had some really great shows,” said Lucky.

“We had a sold-out show in Orillia, we had sold out shows all across the province, then we took it out west for a while,” he continued.

Locally, Lucky has shows in Waterloo, Uxbridge and now Innisfil, under his belt and returns to the stage in Toronto, Hamilton and Orillia at the end of February.

If you want to check out Zachary Lucky live, his upcoming shows can be found on his website here or on his Facebook page here.

To see what’s next at Innisfil Live Music, check out their website here.