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Award-winning playwright starting something new

The start-up drama troupe will be accepting a limited number of applicants
Robert Newby
Supplied photo

Who is Robert Newby, and what is he up to now?

A recent information release explains that Newby, an award-winning, Barrie playwright (and retired school teacher), is initiating a start-up drama troupe for local theatrical enthusiasts. It will be there for those interested in experimental improv, as well as those who wish to explore new ways of preparing for a role and acquiring the highly complex skills of acting for the stage and screen.

Newby recently released information that, Stage Right: Actor’s Studio will present the dramatic theories of Sandford Meisner (late of the Group Theatre of New York,) Christian Jarrett, (Australian cognitive neuroscientist,) author of Acting Changes the Brain, Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero of a Thousand Faces, along with his own methods gained from several years working within the dramatic genre.

Stage Right will be an adult ensemble, accepting a limited number of applicants from ages 19 and up.

Newby went on to say, “We will get together one evening a week from February to June, work together for 20 sessions, and then see if we’ve got a production to present to the Barrie theatre-going public in September 2020. Stage Right is starting small, but we hope to eventually become one of the more serious arts ensembles within the Huronia region.”

Those interested in contacting this troupe should call: (705) 220-3501 or send an email to [email protected]