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LETTER: More can be done to solve homelessness

Letter writer says city should use more buildings as temporary shelters, or allow people to set up tents in small campground-style area for low fee until winter
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I have noticed a lot of homelessness and it seems to be only increasing.

I don't understand why more isn't being done. This problem is a worldwide problem and is not unique to Barrie or Canada, but it's only getting worse with inflation and the high rental prices. I don't know how anyone is expected to survive.

The amount of people in Barrie that are experiencing unsheltered homelessness is four per cent, according to the Barrie Simcoe Homeless Hub.

This problem can not and will not be solved by doing nothing.

I think the city should be using more buildings as temporary shelters for the homeless, or give them a place to set up their tents in a small campground-style area for a low fee until winter and they can hopefully afford a real home to rent.

I hope this brings to light some of the seriousness of the situation and the immediate action needed to be taken in order for this situation to start improving.

Teegan Moffitt