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LETTER: Incineration not as 'taboo' as it once was

County councillors to vote on 20-year contract today to haul garbage to Brampton for incineration
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Many trends go in full cycles.

The municipality I worked for shut down its incinerator due to air pollution concerns some 40 years ago.

The “word” in Ontario was that incineration is bad. Landfills were in fashion and expected to solve our garbage disposal difficulties.

Well, we have come around the circle!

Today (June 11), our county councillors are expected to vote on a proposed 20-year contract to haul the garbage (all black bin material) to Brampton for incineration (Committee of Whole, Item 13.1 Report CCW2024-164, Long Term Garbage Export).

The incinerator in Brampton has supposedly the latest pollution controls and recovers heat for the utilization of energy.

The recommendation is reasonable, in my opinion, in the current political environment, but it does involve plenty of trucking down Highway 400.

It is also interesting that something that was completely taboo not so long ago is now the preferred solution.

Konrad Brenner