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LETTER: Canadians struggling while 'rich helping the rich'

'Our political leaders are fully aware of this fact and even encourage it,' says letter writer
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Business and political leaders bombard us with numbers and statistics to divert our attention from facts they cannot refute.

Working people spend every cent they make, reintegrating that money back into our economy.

Multinational businesses making large profits return only a small part of those profits, sending much of those funds out of country and into offshore tax havens, weakening our economy.

Our political leaders are fully aware of this fact and even encourage it, with many tax breaks that both they and their wealthy friends enjoy — the rich helping the rich at the expense of the majority of struggling Canadians.

They are responsible for the terrible homeless situation and lack of living-wage jobs.

Worst of all, they know exactly what they are doing and simply don’t care. And they need to be held fully accountable by whatever means necessary until they work for the electorate and not themselves.

Rick Lockman