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LETTER: Authorities need to do better job policing noise complaints, says reader

'A simple administrative review would give residents peace of mind,' says Barrie resident
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There is a conflict of interest at play in Barrie when the police and bylaw officers refuse to enforce noise complaints and point the finger at one another to lay down responsibility.

Enforcement claims they cannot handle human noise issues, whilst the police claim they have no interest in addressing them.

A simple administrative review would give residents peace of mind.

It is bad policy that our city refuses to handle noise complaints created by lousy neighbours. It might even contribute to the level of harassment and villainy that plagues our neighbourhoods.

Perhaps it fosters a racist environment that favours those who prey on the different and marginalized.

The city should fine those who violate the noise bylaw by shouting or verbally harassing their neighbour.

This might eliminate the confusion that exists and solve many problems.   

Christopher Mansour