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At JMS Law, it has always been our mission to assist, inspire, and empower our clients throughout their transition. Through a collaborative approach, we work with each of our clients with the eventual goal of achieving their individual goals.

We are proud to offer a number of legal services to our clients, including:

  • Real estate law
  • Wills and estates
  • Mediation
  • Divorce & separation

Our caring, authentic, and highly competent legal and support team look forward to helping each of our clients establish new lives, new neighbourhoods, and new beginnings. We strive to treat our clients with respect, compassion, empathy, and to educate them on how to achieve their goals through peaceful resolution and healing.

We look forward to serving you and your family through mediation that is resolution-focused and based on individual needs. Please give us a call, or visit our website to learn more about our firm, and the services we are proud to offer.

Our People