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African Dream International

About Us 

African Dream International (formally African Dream Continental Initiative) is an active Canadian registered Non-profit, founded and federally incorporated in October 2009 and; continued under the new Canada Non-profit Act of 2014.  Our Organization is passionately committed to the pursuit of Human Dignity, Peace and Prosperity in Africa.  Our focus is on the impoverished/disadvantaged regions and peoples of Africa; to foster human dignity by alleviating the prevalent hardship and abject poverty, significantly improve daily living conditions and enable a better future for the youth and children.  These would be achieved by harnessing human, financial and material resources (recycling gifts of household and corporate items and books), through the support, generosity and goodwill of kind members of the Canadian public (private and corporate); and elsewhere.  Our mission statement is perfectly captured in the slogan of our Non-profit:

“Lend a Hand to Humanity……Live……and Let Live!”

Helping to realize a harmonious world for all humanity is indeed a noble cause worthy of every support however small or large and, offers a deep sense of fulfillment; as its reward.  

Our Vision 

Our Non-profit organization (African Dream International) will be an accountable and dependable “conduit” through which vital donor resources can readily flow to where the need is greatest. Ultimately, we will significantly improve the quality of life and general human conditions in the hard-hit regions of Africa, while simultaneously easing the recycling pressures and costs here in Canada, a win-win for our precious donor and volunteer sacrifices.

Our People