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Bleach resistant Towels

Salon towels

HY Supplies Inc offering a wide range of high absorbent, bleach resistant Towels in various colors. HY Supplies Inc specialized in supplying bleach proof salon towels for salon Purposes.

Handmade jewelry

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Bleach Proof Towels

Bleach resistant Towels

HY Supplies Inc Providing a premium quality, High absorbent And bleach resistant Towels ( Withstand for harsh Chemicals used in Salon) For beauty, Nail and Tanning salon Industries
Clearance sale

Clearance sale- Chef unifroms

HY Supplies Inc offering Mega Clearance sale on Hospitality Apparel and uniforms. Utilize this offer and get up to 40% OFF on chef coats, chef shirts, chef pants, chef aprons, and chef jackets. Grab
Level-2 ISolation Gowns

AAMI Level-1 and Level-2 Isolation Gowns

HY Supplies Inc providing AAMI Standard Reusable, Fluid resistant, and Protective Level-1 and Level-2 Isolation Gowns for medical professionals.
black face m ask 3

Adult/Teens Face mask w/Valve

Adult /Teens Face masks with breathing valve, Comfortable , comes in Black or navy Blue, Adjustable straps around the ear, 4 layers, can be worn with our without filter. washable, re usable,
2 children with shields

Face shields for K-3 grades

Cartoon face shields for Children grades K-3, for those who can not keep a face mask on, they will love to keep these on, anti fog and glare, re-usable, clean with hand wipes, we have pink Elephant,
face shield

Adult/Teen face shields

Adult /Teens face shield for those who find it hard to wear a mask . Anti fog, anti glare, re-usable, can be cleaned with hand wipes, can be worn with glasses, self shaping soft foam for comfort,
Closeout sale

Hospitality Apparel - Clearance sale

HY Supplies Inc providing Chef apparel and uniforms such as chef shirts, chef aprons, chef jackets, and other chef wear at clearance sales in the lowest price deals. upto 40% Off !! Limited Stocks !!

4 x 20” Rims and Tires

6 Bolt Chevy