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ONTARIO: 'Friendly' five-foot boa still on the loose in Ottawa neighbourhood

Its name is Murphy and it has been missing since August 11
2018-08-13 boa constrictor
Murphy the boa constrictor. Photo/ Kijiji ad

Murphy the snake continues to elude those searching for him. 

The boa constrictor, which measures 5 ft (1.5 m) long, went missing in the overnight hours of August 11. 

He was last seen at his home on Lanark Avenue in Westboro. 

On Tuesday, firefighters at Station 23, about a half hour slither from where Murphy went missing, broke out a game of Snakes and Ladders and renamed it Murphy and Ladders.

They even invited the serpent to play, but he didn't take them up on the invitation. 

His owner describes him as friendly and calm, saying, "If you see him, please don't be afraid. Call me." Actually, if you see him, city officials are asking that you do not approach and call 311 instead. His owner says he has never been outside before.

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