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ONTARIO: Drone company gets approval to test cargo model

‘Robin’ would carry up to 25 lbs of payload, travel 60 km
Transport Canada has approved Drone Delivery Canada's request to test its cargo model in Canadian air space. (Supplied photo)

Drone Delivery Canada (DDC) has received approval from Transport Canada to start testing a heavy lifting drone in Canadian air space.

On Aug. 3, the company announced Transport Canada has granted it a Special Flight Operations Certificate to test its Robin X1400 cargo delivery drone.

The Robin is capable of carrying up to 25 pounds of payload for up to 60 kilometres. DDC said it would be outfitted with a “dual payload deployment system, which would allow both static and tethered cargo deployments.”

With tethered cargo, the drone never lands, but deploys its payload by tether while hovered above at a height of 100 feet, the company said.

DDC’s other drones currently in development include the Condor, which is capable of travelling 150 kilometres, carrying up to 400 pounds of cargo and handling pallet-sized shipments, and the Sparrow, which is capable of carrying up to 10 pounds of payload and flying just a few kilometres.

Drone Delivery Canada is based in Vaughan, near Toronto.