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Ward 2 candidate wants to 'give back to this great city'

Greg Peach's top three issues include fixing old infrastructure, heightened police presence, and better public transportation

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A longtime Ward 2 resident in Barrie says where he lives and his volunteerism are advantages in October’s city election. 

Greg Peach has lived in Barrie for 29 years and has spent 28 of them in the ward where he is running.

Peach says he believes his almost three decades in the city should bode well for him in the Ward 2 race.

“Who better to represent the people of Ward 2 than someone who has lived in the ward since 1994? As a resident, I have seen many changes in the city and in our ward and some not for the better,” Peach told BarrieToday.

“I believe that the Ward 2 residents, myself included, have not been represented as well as they could have over the last number of years and I feel that my ability to connect with people from all walks of life gives me the advantage of bringing everyone’s views to the council table," he added. 

Peach admits he doesn't have political experience, but says he's a community volunteer at heart and has a deep passion for the city and the people who live here. 

“I feel this is another way I can give back to this great city. I have built up a great number of skills during my work life so far with communication, listening and planning topping the list,” Peach said. “The ability to assess the needs of clients or listen to the needs of those around me in my Scouting volunteer roles has given me the confidence to tackle the hard issues head on.

"I want to be the voice of those in Ward 2 and pledge to answer calls, return emails and set up more town-hall meetings so that the residents have the ability to connect with me and by extension, council," he added. 

When asked what he would address immediately if he could, Peach said three things come to mind.

“Continue to address the crumbling roads and aging infrastructure in our ward, more police presence and proper enforcement to reduce crime and make our whole community a safer place, and address the public transportation issues so we can access the whole city in a reasonable time frame,” Peach said.

As for what he wants to see stay the same in the city, Peach spoke of Barrie’s commitment to the lake.

“I would like to see the City of Barrie continue to be leaders in protecting the waterfront of Kempenfelt Bay and reduce the harmful impact on Lake Simcoe,” he said.

The municipal election takes place Oct. 24.