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Caruso looks to promote partnerships as French-language trustee

Saveria Caruso, who is running for school board trustee with Conseil scolaire Viamonde, says 'francophones of all origins to contribute to the vitality of the Ontario French-language community'
Saveria Caruso is running for school board trustee with Conseil scolaire Viamonde.

Editor's note: BarrieToday has asked candidates for school board trustee in Barrie to provide a synopsis of why they are running for public office. Municipal elections take place Oct. 24. The following is from Saveria Caruso, who is running for school board trustee with Conseil scolaire Viamonde. For more election coverage, visit our 2022 municipal election page by clicking here, where you can find candidate profiles and other election news. 

Conseil scolaire Viamonde school board trustee candidate — Saveria Caruso
Phone: 705-733-5244 or cell 705-730-3639
Email: [email protected]

Family background: A mother of two children and a grandmother of four grandchildren

Interests: I have always been interested in the integration of French-language culture in the curriculum and pedagogy, and the contribution of bilingualism to student success and French-language schools’ vitality.

As a school board trustee, I would promote partnerships with professional learning communities to implement innovative and creative strategies in order to enhance students’ success and achievement, more specifically in literacy and numeracy. To reduce achievement gaps, it is also important to support approaches that contribute to equity and inclusion. I am also eager to pursue recent findings on the organizational models that promote student success and transition from the elementary to secondary panel or work place and provide students with new evidence-based pathways in the post-pandemic era.

I am therefore looking forward to working in a culturally responsive school environment highlighting the importance of diversity — e.g., teaching strategies that facilitate the development of oral communication with diverse learners, the integration of immigrants in French-language schools, inclusive programs and resources that contribute to student learning, success and well-being.

Professional background: Teacher and principal

Research-based support documents geared to provide teachers strategies for the transmission of culture and the development of students’ literacy and numeracy skills in French-language schools.

Leadership skills working within the French-language policy and programs branch at the Ministry of Education, the Ontario College of Teachers and Conseil scolaire Viamonde collaboratively with diverse groups of researchers, professional leaders and parents in order to contribute to student success.

Fundamental Principle: The integration of culture in the curriculum and pedagogy contributes to the transmission of French-language culture that in turn promotes student identity building and success. The transmission of culture also entails the transmission of the francophone cultural heritage, but also the celebration of diversity inviting.

Francophones of all origins to contribute to the vitality of the Ontario French-language community.

Three issues to tackle as a school trustee:
1. Closing achievement gaps for all students including those with special needs.
2. Equity and inclusion for all students providing them access to new technologies, evidence-based pathways, and tutoring programs that take place within a classroom and/or after-hours at school offered free of charge to students.
3. Mental health services for students and staff expanding the number of school social workers.