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Lunchtime fun at Meridian Place can help you clear your head... twice a week

From fitness classes to yoga, dancing and games, city wants to promote the square as a place for everyone to enjoy

The city's Creative Economy department has found a way to keep the centre of Barrie alive throughout the week even while most are at work.

The creation of Meridian Place has brought many events and gatherings to the downtown square, some big and some small.

Now every lunchtime on Tuesday and Thursday is a couple hours to look forward to as TGIT hits Meridian Place for some fun and games.

Sherry O’Leary is a venue concierge with the City of Barrie and says Thank Goodness Its Tuesday or Thursday is a way to get the lunchtime crowd involved with the open space they may normally walk past.

“Thank Goodness It’s Tuesday or Thursday is just a way to facilitate the space and show people what this beautiful space of the city can be used for,” said O’Leary.

“It's been great to have people come by on their lunch breaks to play some games, maybe clear their heads a bit before heading back to work," she added. 

While they are still ironing out details and logistics, the TGIT team hopes to eventually have snacks on-hand during the event and soon the patio furniture will be coming out for those looking to relax and lounge.

O’Leary said the main idea of TGIT is to remind people that Meridian Place is for everyone, no matter what time of day.

“This (Tuesday) morning we had a fitness class and that went really well. We’ve also had other clubs come in and do dancing, yoga and things of that nature,” said O’Leary. “We have a whole bunch of games here that you can just grab and play, but we also will be doing arts and crafts with children.”

TGIT runs every Tuesday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Meridian Place.


Shawn Gibson

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Shawn Gibson is a staff writer based on Barrie
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