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Grizzlies gear can show your local pride

In our latest Mid-Week Mugging, we take a look at Georgian College which is the place to go if you've thought of representing your local college or university

Hot off the popularity of the NCAA Basketball championship, if the thought of representing your local college or university seems like a pretty good idea then Georgian College is the place to shop.

Georgian College store has all your needs whether you're enrolled or not. The store has many items with the college's logo emblazoned on them, but also has day to day items every student wants and needs, whether it is snacks, drink or games to pass the time. Kim Scott is the Store Operations and Online Coordinator and believes that the business does very well for many reasons, one of which is scholastic pride.

“I think the students purchase text books because it’s a necessary evil but that’s not really what they want,” said Scott. “Our top sellers right now are our program hoodies that we have. We have started with a line where you can get your program name on it for $49.99 and those sell like crazy. When students are paying for their education and moving far from home at times, it’s natural for them to want to take great pride in the school their attending and let others know they are. Everything from coffee mugs to clothes to stationery has the Georgian College logo and the students love all of them. We also did have Under Armour but we’re veering away from that and into the Nike line now so those are also really good sellers.”

Students already strapped for cash are always looking for a great way to save money and the Georgian College store helps with that by making sure their prices are fair. Items that aren’t necessarily school-related are sold and at prices that bring in those from the city just looking to get a deal.

“We have a number of people that come in from the community because we actually do have a lot of unique items that are popular here,” said Scott. “We run a journal line that is called Quo Vadis that you can also get at Staples and it’s my understanding that our selection is sometimes better and our pricing is a bit better as well. We hear a lot from people that our prices are better with many items including the Burt’s Bees line, which I’m told is even better than Wal-Mart so we take a lot of pride in that.”

With a fairly new sports field in the back of the college and a top notch sports program to take pride in, many items with the school mascot and team name can be found in the college’s athletic area and Scott says that it’s always great to see people wearing the Grizzlies logo around the school and town.

“The store itself doesn’t carry the Grizzlies line but that can be picked up in the fitness centre,” said Scott. “They have a fun varsity thing going on and it’s very popular especially when there are tournaments or big games happening; it’s just really great to see the school pride happening here and in town.”

For more information on store hours and what’s in stock, check out their website here.


Shawn Gibson

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