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Why now is the time to start thinking about work for fall

September will come quickly - take time to prepare your resume now!

With many people in summer vacation mode, the back to school season and fall aren’t exactly top of mind right now. But no matter how hard we resist, those summer weeks always seem to fly by. Before we know it, fall’s knocking on our doorstop.

For those aiming to get back into the workforce this September, now is actually the perfect time to start job searching for seasonal roles, fine-tuning your resume, and brushing up on those interview skills.

Jonathan Duncan is a team leader with Agilec in Barrie, and he advises job seekers don’t leave their search too late before the summer flies by.

“You can see summer now and September is still eight weeks away, but that goes very quick,” Duncan said. “It is a good time to start thinking about work in September. Maybe sharpen up the resume or do some workshops, whether that’s virtual or in our Agilec office here.”

With employers often hiring weeks if not months in advance for seasonal roles, they’re potentially seeking candidates right now to fill positions for the fall and even the winter. It never hurts to update your resume to include your most recent work experience, skills, and any courses or training you’ve recently completed.

The pandemic has been tough on some job sectors, which means some candidates might aim to get back into the workforce after a layoff. With the summer months less busy for most people, Duncan recommends spending this time getting acclimated to the job market and which positions are available.

In some cases, it might’ve been years since a job seeker has looked for work. With the advances in software and technology, a lot has changed when it comes to simply knowing where and how to find a job. Speaking with an Agilec job coach will help those looking for work tap into those resources and make the job search that much easier.

Updating your resume is one big aspect of jumping back into the workforce, and something as simple as removing irrelevant work experience or unnecessary sections of a resume can help pare things down into a simple format.

There are several pre-formatted resume templates out there, but Duncan advises job seekers not to utilize free templates floating out there. Besides, chances are other candidates are using that same template, and it’s much more effective to personalize and tailor a resume to make yours stand out.

“They’ve maybe forgotten how to job search; the resume may not have been looked at for a number of years,” Duncan said. “Trends in resumes do change from time to time, and going off an Indeed format resume is not something that’s recommended.”

There’s a wealth of information out there and differing philosophies on resume styles and formats, but one of the easiest and quickest ways to bring your resume up to date is to connect directly with a job coach, like the experts at Agilec.

“Come and see us at our office because straight away we can review the resume, help change that resume,” Duncan said. “Nothing really beats that one-to-one job coach that you can have by coming into an employment centre. Especially if you’ve been out of the workforce for a long time, we can help you get back into work.”

Whether you’re looking for work for the fall, or you’re jumping back into the workforce, connect with an Agilec Employment Coach from their Barrie office and learn more at