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Who do you want on your team when buying or selling a home?

Several professionals needed for a successful transaction, says REALTOR® Christine Lovatt

When you think about a typical real estate transaction, you tend to think of the relationship established between the buyer (or seller) and the real estate agent.

While that’s certainly key, a successful real estate transaction actually relies on the talents of a number of different professionals, says REALTOR® Christine Lovatt.

“Several professionals are needed to complete a sale or purchase of a home,” she explains. “An experienced REALTOR® will have their favourite lawyers, mortgage agents, home inspectors and moving companies, along with many others they can recommend for the smooth sale of your home or when buying a house.”

Of course a great REALTOR® is essential to help guide you through the whole process of buying or selling a home. A great REALTOR® also cares about you; you’ll know this by the amount of time that it takes your agent to answer your calls, texts or emails.

“You are important and we are always ready to help or ease your distress. Finding out about upcoming listings—especially in this quick market—is really important. Negotiating your offer and knowing the ins and outs of the market is essential,” says Lovatt. “Does your REALTOR® have good advice for you and a trusted team they can surround you with?”

Let’s take a look at one of her team members!

Mitch Korman

Mitch Korman of Korman & Company works with many of Lovatt’s clients at RE/MAX Hallmark Chay. “I recommend him because of his communication skills with my clients. He is on my trusted list of lawyers,” she says.

What defines a great real estate lawyer is not how many deals they close, but how many deals they are able to save when the deal has problems, Korman explains.

The key elements you should look for when choosing a great real estate lawyer are:

1. Years of experience in practicing real estate law, not just law.

2. A team of exceptional real estate lawyers and real estate clerks working with that particular lawyer for backup. Busy real estate practices need redundancy of lawyers and clerks so there are resources available should a particular transaction fall off the tracks.

3. Exceptional, clear and concise communication to clients, starting with an outline of what to expect from the purchase or sale process, next steps and a complete breakdown of all the closing costs.

4. Exceptional response time to client and agent communications to lessen the stress and anxiety of the closing process. 

5.  Keeping clients’ agents informed along the way, as a great, engaged agent is one of the keys to success in any real estate transaction.

“Most often all of these items can be achieved with a strong referral from a realtor,” says Korman. “Google reviews are also helpful, but often too simplistic.” 

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