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Starting a second career just got a little bit easier for Ontarians

Agilec can assist with connecting qualifying applicants to kick-start funding

Finding a job after suffering a job layoff or an extended unemployment period is challenging. Especially if the outlook for your former field of work doesn’t look very promising in the future.

Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel for those interested in taking on their next life challenge.

Throughout the pandemic, many Ontarians have jumpstarted employment by exploring a completely different career path. Thanks to programs like Better Jobs Ontario, it’s even easier for out-of-work job seekers to find a productive new profession.

The government of Ontario recently announced this new program (formerly the Second Career program) which allows Ontario workers to re-enter the workforce by receiving funding up to $28,000 to kick-start their second career.

Jonathan Duncan of Agilec in Barrie notes they’ve had many candidates take advantage of the Better Jobs Ontario program. The goal is for applicants to gain the knowledge they need to get back on their feet in less than one year.

“Maybe they’ve been in this career for so long and there’s been layoffs happening, especially with COVID, that they can access these funds so they can retrain their career. So long as it’s less than a year of training, they can do that.”

Eligible applicants can receive funding for training, tuition, books, transportation, even a basic living allowance, and in some cases, childcare costs could also be covered.

The previous iteration of the program was only open to laid off individuals, but this now includes anyone who has been unemployed for six months and is considered a low-income household.

With many sectors hit hard during the pandemic, some workers didn’t even have a job to return to once businesses started opening up again. Now anyone affected by the pandemic can jump back into a field with a high demand job and have a good chunk of those costs covered.

“We do have some people saying: ‘I just had a layoff, I found out about this program, but I’m not quite sure what I want to do,’” Duncan said. “We’ll support with that career assessment and look at interests and things they may be interested in doing.

“But also trying to focus on whether going back to school is the best path to follow, because it might not be. Going back to a job sometimes is the better path rather than going to education.”

Through Better Jobs Ontario, Agilec aims to get job seekers into training or education and straight into the workforce with a high-demand job. This could be the booming fields like construction, manufacturing, trucking, or hospitality.

As many Ukrainians flee their war-torn country, they’re not only looking for a second career, they’re looking to start a second life in Canada. Duncan said they’ve assisted over ten immigrant Ukrainians seeking employment in the Barrie area.

Although the language barrier is a bit of a roadblock, they’re eager to work, earn money and repay their faith. As an Employment Ontario agency, Agilec can also offer financing towards training for any businesses looking to take on these Ukrainian workers.

Starting your second career is as easy as contacting an Agilec job coach. They’ll put you on the fast track to find a promising and exciting new career path. Visit Agilec.CA and get in touch today.