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Pre-planning: The Final gift you give your loved ones

Adams Funeral Home and Cremation Services Ltd. discusses the value of pre-planning your arrangements
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Since 2007, Adams Funeral Home and Cremation Services Ltd. has been supporting families in their greatest hour of need. With a mandate to honour each life lived in a meaningful way, the funeral home also offers pre-need solutions.

“Planning a funeral means different things to different people. Some people pre-pay for their funeral arrangements in advance, while others may simply pre-plan,” explains Doug Adams, Owner/Manager and Funeral Director. “Pre planning gives peace of mind that your final wishes will be followed – there is no guessing about what your wishes would have been, the family knows which funeral home to contact, what type of service you desire (formal, religious, cultural, casual, secular, etc.), and the location of your preferred resting place.”

Without pre-planning, many families that previously enjoyed strong relationships struggle as they try to compromise on important issue such as burial versus cremation.

Adams further describes how the family benefits from pre-need solutions. 

“In addition to having a clear list of instructions for the type of arrangements, location of visitation, and resting place, the casket/urn is pre-selected. Flowers, hymns, desired charity for memorial donations – every detail is accounted for just as it would have been at the time of need.”

Not everyone prefers pre-need; some write out their instructions in a will or directive. 

“Avoid putting the only copy of your preferences in a safe deposit box, since it may not be immediately accessible. Instead, keep a copy at home, perhaps with a list of your safe deposit box contents,” Adams advises. Then adds, “When a loved one passes away without making specific funeral arrangements, survivors should try to locate any written instructions that can help them navigate through the process, while fulfilling the final requests of the deceased.”

He notes that most families that complete the pre-need steps discover it was easier than expected, and they feel like a burden has been lifted. The funeral home makes the process seamless by informing the individuals of all the available options, offering safe and socially distanced in-person meetings or virtual information gathering, determining with the family if pre-payment is beneficial to relieve the financial burden at the time of need, and more.

“We are here to assist individuals with making the correct decision for themselves and their wishes,” Adams concludes.

Pre-need services are a blessing to you and your family. When a person passes without their wishes being known, or without financial support in place for final expenses, the survivors must find documents and make difficult decisions while grieving. Taking care of these wishes ahead of time gives your loved ones the opportunity to support each other through the grieving process and possibly access funds (or enjoy prepaid services) so the funeral is as desired without compromise or stress.

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