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Pools: Do they help sell houses?

We take a deep dive with REALTOR® Christine Lovatt  

It is often said that there are three kinds of people:

  • those who will only look at houses that have a pool,
  • those who refuse to look at houses that have a pool,
  • and those who have never really thought about it either way

If you are selling a house with a pool, is having one an advantage? It can be, as long as it is fenced in for safety, says REALTOR® Christine Lovatt. The one exception is if you have a bungalow with a pool; bungalows are often purchased by seniors who don’t want to maintain it, so it could be a disadvantage.

“The number of buyers for homes with pools is sometimes a smaller amount. Some people want a pool, and some do not. The trick is to market to the right audience,” says Lovatt. “It can be harder to sell a home with a pool because of the smaller pool—no pun intended!—of buyers.”

Parents of younger children will often not even look at a house with a pool because they worry about safety concerns, even if the pool is fenced off.

“During Covid, because we had to stay home, people were looking to buy homes with pools to entertain themselves. Of course, as soon as winter came, they realized it was hard work to close it for the season,” says the agent.

How to sell a home with a pool

Of course, there are many benefits to owning a home with a pool, so be sure to point these out.

Having a pool means instant entertainment, good exercise and it’s the perfect relief for those hot summer days. Pools also look beautiful and create the ideal atmosphere for hosting parties and entertaining, with family and friends often keen to stop by. When you have a pool, your home is often the centre of the action—and it’s definitely where the kids want to be. You don’t have to worry that they are out and about as more often than not, they’ll be in the backyard!

Does a pool really add value?

It really depends on a number of factors, says Lovatt. If the neighbourhood you’re in has a lot of pools, people may expect your home to have one too when looking in that area. If the climate is warmer and houses are selling quickly, buyers may purchase a home with a pool just because there is a lack of inventory.

“The value added is said to be around 5% to 8% of the value of the house,” says the REALTOR®. She cautions that the pool probably cost more than the increase in the selling price.

Buying a home with a pool

Buyers should absolutely be informed about the maintenance costs associated with owing a pool before making an offer to purchase a home that has one.

There are opening and closing costs, electricity costs for the pump and the heater, as well as extra homeowner insurance that is required. There is lots to consider that may not be immediately obvious to the buyer, especially for those who have never owned a pool before.

Says Lovatt, sellers who have a home with a pool may need to be a bit more patient and wait for their perfect buyer.

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