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COVID has increased the desire to age in place

SUPERIOR Home Health Care is making aging at home safer for seniors
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Ask most Canadians where they want to live out their senior years and most will say they want to remain in their own home. Because home is our comfort zone, nearly 85 per cent of us would prefer to age in place.

After hearing about what residents endured throughout the pandemic, no one wants to go into a long-term care home, while the cost of many retirement homes can break the bank.

But John Tom, Owner of SUPERIOR Home Health Care in Barrie offers affordable, and appealing options to keep seniors living at home. SUPERIOR Home Health Care is a home medical equipment specialty retail store that provides products and supplies that allow seniors to stay safe at home. Tom said, “Statistics show most people want to stay in their own home and COVID-19 has probably increased those numbers by 25 per cent.

Tom has numerous mobility options, including modifications for the outside of your home, such as a lift, ramp, or landscaping. Tom said, “Threshold ramps, even ramps as low as 1 inch make it so much easier for someone to use a wheelchair or walker to get in and over the door sills.”

Inside a home, stairlifts are popular for people who have difficulty climbing stairs. Tom installs about 100 stairlifts a year, including more budget-friendly used stairlifts.

Injuries and illnesses can happen suddenly. You don’t know when you might develop mobility issues that can leave you unable to climb stairs or keep your balance on a slippery bathroom floor. Studies show that a change in health is the most common reason for deciding to move from your home. It never hurts to think ahead and make modifications before something happens.

Falls are a serious injury risk for seniors

Each year about 25 per cent of Canadians 65 and older experience a fall. Falls cause 85% of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors, and half of those happen at home.

Small, inexpensive changes can make a big difference to a senior’s safety. They include grab bars and temporary safety poles that can be easily removed when a home is sold. One of the most popular renovations is a full barrier-free, walk-in or roll-in shower. Accessible and safe bathrooms allow people to maintain their dignity.

SUPERIOR Home Health Care is a leader in bathroom renovations. Their customers trust and feel comfortable with them. Tom said, “The fact that we understand people with disabilities, the fact that we understand how unique their solution has to be. We don’t make people fit our products and services. We customize our products and services so that the person receiving it gets the best outcome.”

Ontario Seniors Home Safety Tax Credit

Safety modifications are more affordable with the Ontario Seniors Home Safety Tax Credit which allows a $2500 refund on $10,000 in eligible expenses to make a home safer for seniors. Family members can claim the tax credit as well if they modify their home for seniors living with them. Claiming it is as simple as filing your tax return.

John Tom is pressing the government to make the Seniors Home Safety Tax Credit permanent. As a board member on the Simcoe County Home Builders’ Association and the Ontario Home Medical Equipment Providers’ Association, Tom has been a strong advocate for seniors’ safety to ensure they can continue to age in place and age with dignity.

SUPERIOR Home Health Care in Barrie is celebrating its 30th year in business. A second location will be opening at 516 Yonge Street in Midland on February 1st. Phone (705) 528-1515 in Midland. Barrie location (705) 722-3376 or visit