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Book your winter tire swap early to avoid the rush

Georgian Chevrolet encourages vehicle owners to schedule your service

There is a proactive approach and a reactive approach to vehicular maintenance and repair.

The proactive approach includes regularly scheduling seasonal maintenance in advance to avoid unexpected mechanical failure. The reactive approach is usually handled in a consistent fashion, with a vehicle owner calling their tow truck company to haul their vehicle into the shop because of an unexpected breakdown!

Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC in Barrie suggests the proactive approach is always the best path to take when it comes to your vehicles.

That’s especially true for vehicle owners who are part of the dealership’s annual winter tire storage program. According to their Senior Service Manager Ahmed Wajdi, the company’s customer care center begins its direct outreach to customers in September despite the fact winter doesn’t begin for two months.

“The thing here in Barrie is, the second week of November it always snows,” said Wajdi. “It’s like clockwork. They told me that five years ago when I move up here and it’s true. It’s like Groundhog Day. The second week of November it snows and panic ensues. Everybody wants their car booked in that day.”

According to Wajdi, Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC stores approximately 4,000 tires in its temperature-controlled storage facility representing nearly 1,000 customers who all need their winter tires exchanged by November 1st. That’s usually the day that some automobile insurance companies request their clients to be driving on winter tires in order to reap their policy discount. He also adds that the dealership is well equipped and has the best trained and qualified technicians.

One of the benefits of switching your tires at Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC, is that it also includes a multipoint vehicle inspection.

The Vehicle Health Check is a required inspection as described in the vehicle’s owner’s manual. It includes checking your vehicle’s suspension, all lines for leaks, brakes, cabin and air filters, your tires, and other value-added inspections.

After the multi-point inspection is completed, customers are provided with detailed feedback on their vehicle’s wellbeing. The Service Consultant will inform the customer of any concerns that may require immediate attention or that should be monitored for future maintenance. It is a thorough seasonal driving checkup that every vehicle owner should have.

“At Georgian, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to looking after your vehicle,” said Wajdi. “It’s what customers have come to expect from us.

The primary reason Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC starts communicating with customers in early September to ensure they book their service dates prior to the busy pre-winter rush.

Once the customer contacts the customer care center to book their check-in-time, the staff will take the time to explain the entire process. Including possible estimated finish times. During your scheduled check-in, appropriate time is allotted with the service consultant to review all requested and required services. That includes checking for outstanding recalls, making sure all needs are met on the visit.

Wajdi also adds, “At Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC, we try to help eliminate the frustration customers feel when they call in and are unable to get their vehicle in immediately to exchange out their tires.” “We recommend that you plan on leaving your vehicle the majority of a day.” “As an added convenience, we do offer free round-trip shuttle service to customers able to leave their vehicles with us.”

Further to that, Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC also offers a concierge service. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, a Georgian driver will come and pick up, drop off, or provide two-way delivery of your vehicle. Please ask for further details as some conditions do apply.

For more information, visit Georgian Chevrolet Buick GMC online here.  Or call our customer care centre (705)733-2222 for any further questions.