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Barrie First Aid and CPR Training provides engaging, hands-on courses to youth and adults

Helping people save lives and also give back to the community
Barrie CPR

In Ontario, every company that is covered under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) must comply with Regulation 1101 of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, which relates to first aid. It states that, “All employers covered by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act are required to have first aid equipment, facilities and trained personnel in all workplaces.”

The Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation estimates that approximately 35,000 cardiac arrests occur annually. Lack of bystander cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) means a patient will die if not treated immediately. Every minute a patient goes without oxygen and blood flow to the brain increases the risk of permanent damage and death. Learning to administer CPR is the difference between life and death.

Since 2019, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training has grown into a reputable provider of standard first aid and recertification, emergency first aid, and all levels of CPR training. It is also a certified provider of the EMT Canada program, which offers training in Ontario through the WSIB. Thanks to its partnership with EMT Canada, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training also offers many other more advanced courses. Clients will receive a top-notch experience through high-quality instruction and training that will leave them feeling confident and capable.

As a young entrepreneur with children, director and CEO Kevin Gee started Barrie First Aid and CPR Training with a vision to provide a necessary service while giving back to his community in a meaningful way. The ‘shop local’ mentality is a key factor for Kevin and he wants his clients to know that when they take a course at Barrie First Aid and CPR Training, they are supporting a local family and small business rather than a big box company. He enjoys sharing his personal family stories with clients when delivering courses, which gives the program a very personal and familial feeling.

The company is excited to be operating out of its brand-new training facility located at Unit 7, 4 Alliance Boulevard in Barrie. As first aid and CPR training is considered an essential service in Ontario, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training is running public and private courses seven days a week.

At Barrie First Aid and CPR Training, courses are designed to be engaging and delivered using a proactive approach. The company aims to keep things light while providing hands-on training in a small and personal class environment. This allows clients to feel comfortable asking questions and participating in conversation about the topics that must be covered. Classes have a maximum of 10 students and are offered to both youth and adult clients.

Kevin says, “We are working hard to change how people think about first aid. Normally, people are bored and dread taking these courses. We want to change that narrative by adding excitement, humour, and real-world discussions with our clients.”

The company’s blended-training program is a popular option as it gives clients the flexibility to obtain their standard first aid or emergency first aid certification in a combined online and in-person format. Participants will take half their program online while the other half will give them the hands-on skills needed to save lives. The program is a total of 14 hours – seven online and seven in-class.

In addition to its regular day-to-day operations, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training also makes it a priority to give back to the community. One local charity the company is passionate about is the Royal Victoria Hospital. Every three months, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training launches a fundraiser where the hospital receives 100 per cent of the profits raised. The fundraiser focuses on CPR Days, which provides twenty donors with life-saving CPR training.

Often, clients will need flexibility, compassion and understanding. Due to its small size, Barrie First Aid and CPR Training gives every client the personalized attention they deserve by taking a tailored approach. The company’s superior customer service is what makes it stand apart from the bigger companies. Every client matters!

Ready to get certified and save lives? Contact Barrie First Aid and CPR Training at 705-985-3478, email or visit the company website.