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Video captures alleged impaired driver on Highway 400 outside Barrie

Niagara Falls man arrested and charged; 'We need the community to help us. We can’t be everywhere all the time,' says OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt

Ontario Provincial Police have released a citizen's dash-cam video showing a suspected impaired driver on Highway 400 coming into Barrie. 

The video captures citizen Robert Stratton's conversation with the 911 operator and the OPP during an incident that occurred Thursday, June 18 at approximately 4 p.m.

The video shows a southbound white car swerving from lane to lane, almost hitting the guardrail and other vehicles. The driver is seen also throwing what appear to be beer cans out the window. 

Stratton is following along behind the alleged impaired driver while on speaker phone with the OPP. As Stratton tries to find out where exactly he is, he notices an OPP officer pulled over making another traffic stop.

Stratton alerts the officer of the erractic driver and the officer takes off after the white car, eventually pulling it over and placing the man in handcuffs near Forbes Road, north of Barrie.

A 45-year-old man from Niagara Falls has been charged with impaired driving, over 80, and dangerous driving. 

“We need the community to help us. We can’t be everywhere all the time," OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt told BarrieToday. "We have eyes and ears all over this province and when you see dangerous driving, dangerous conditions, we hope you'll safely call 911.

“We’re very thankful for these members of the community who stepped up last Thursday, and all the people who step up when times call for it," Schmidt added.