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Trailer falls off truck at Collingwood intersection

Police will be closing a portion of the road to allow trucks to reload the trailer and take it away

A truck driver's day took a turn for the worse when a trailer tumbled off the flatbed and landed in a snowbank. 

According to an OPP officer on scene, the truck driver was turning at the intersection of Pretty River Parkway and Hume Street/Highway 26 when the trailer he was carrying fell off the flatbed. 

A portion of the road is blocked and one side of the highway will be closed once tow trucks and a new flatbed truck arrives to take the overturned load away. 

The OPP officer said there were no other vehicles involved and no one was injured. 

Motorists should avoid the area as there is already congestion due to the closed lane. OPP will close the eastbound side of the highway at the intersection and use the westbound side for both directions of traffic.