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Teenage cyclist suffers minor injuries following hit-and-run

Young cyclist sustained lower-body injuries and was transported by paramedics with non-life-threatening injuries to RVH, says police official
2021-07-24 Car hits cyclist
City police are searching for witnesses after the driver of this car reportedly hit a cyclist and failed to remain at the scene.

Barrie police are looking for witnesses after a 14-year-old boy was struck by a car in a plaza near Johnson and Grove streets on Friday. 

“We did get a licence plate so that is going to help, but the real appeal is for witnesses or anybody that may have dash-cam footage that can assist us,” Barrie police communications co-ordinator Peter Leon told BarrieToday. “We will be able to follow up quite easily because we do have the licence plate, (we’re) just seeking additional information from the public."

The collision took place around 3 p.m., July 23. The young cyclist sustained minor, lower-body injuries and was transported by paramedics with non-life-threatening injuries to Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre (RVH).

“The fact that someone literally got out of their vehicle, checked their car, looked around, then got back in the car and drove away… and failed to render any assistance whatsoever to this young boy is just very disturbing,” Leon said. “It’s disgusting is what it is and it’s disrespectful of the requirements under the Highway Traffic Act.

"Whether he sustained injuries or not, there was contact between a motor vehicle and a bicycle, and that’s a motor vehicle collision that requires a proper investigation," he added.

The car is described as a Volkswagen with the licence plate MARMARIS. The male driver is described as Middle Eastern with an accent, average build, five-foot-10, thin beard, unknown clothing description and in his 50s. There was a front passenger who was also Middle Eastern approximately in his 60s. 

“We are used to seeing this type of thing in larger jurisdictions to the south of us, and we don’t want that here. Stay. At the end of the day, the Highway Traffic Act states that you must stay and render assistance and await the arrival of police to carry out the investigation. By leaving they’ve made things a lot worse for themselves,” Leon said. “Why would you leave the scene? There is a duty and obligation for you to stay.

"Right now, they are looking at least a charge of fail to remain, unless the investigating officer determines otherwise.”

Anyone with information is asked to email

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