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More rolling noisemakers ticketed in Barrie

'They don't come from the manufacturer that way. There's a lot of vehicles being operated in this manner. It's very disruptive to people's quality of life,' says police official
2020-07-12 Loud muffler
Barrie police continue to target vehicles without mufflers in the city. Image supplied

Barrie police continued to ticket rolling noisemakers Saturday and one of the vehicles had a telling bumper sticker that read #Louderplease.

"We've had continuous complaints over the last few months from people" about noisy vehicles in the city, Barrie police communications co-ordinator Peter Leon told BarrieToday on Sunday.  

The police department's traffic unit has been trying to make local streets a little quieter and possibly safer in what has been dubbed Project Noisemaker. This has led to several $85 tickets being issued this week for vehicles without a muffler. 

"The calls are coming from all corners (of the city) and officers have been fanning out," said Leon.

Officers have detailed information about exactly what to look for on the problematic vehicles causing the ruckus.

People are running a straight pipe from the engine right to the back of the vehicle, so there's no muffler or catalytic converter, which contravenes the Highway Traffifc Act, Leon said. 

"They don't come from the manufacturer that way," Leon said. "There's a lot of vehicles being operated in this manner. It's very disruptive to people's quality of life."

And this isn't just an issue in Barrie. The Project Noisemaker hash tag is also being used in other areas of the province. 

"There is a movement among police services that has been gathering momentum," Leon said. "We can't get to all of them, but we want to make people know this is not acceptable here. It's disturbing."

Enforcement has been heightened recently in Barrie as officers with the traffic unit returned to their usual beat after being redeployed to other areas due to COVID-19 health crisis.