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Learn to master stress with mindfulness and meditation

The highly interactive, 2-hour crash course on stress is offered through Barrie Core Wellness Centre
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Mind-Body Coach Sarah McErlean is bringing together the science of stress, along with some simple practices, rooted in Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Psychology, to promote healing and “stress mastery” in a new program being introduced at Barrie Core Wellness Centre.

The Stress Mastery Program provides clients with the science of stress, creates an understanding and awareness about the various stress responses, and provides simple and effective tools to become “stress masters” in their own lives.

Mindfulness and Meditation have a profound effect on the stress response. Through Positive Psychology, which focuses on human flourishing, we can further cultivate a mindset that harnesses the stress response for good.

The goal of the program is to help people feel empowered in their journey to healing and self-discovery, and to act as a catalyst for positive transformation in their lives.

“Every person has the power within them to harness their stress for good,” McErlean says, “we’re simply not exposed to it as a solution to our stress.”

The Stress Mastery Program is facilitated through the Barrie Core Wellness Centre, and made accessible to the community.  Anyone can register for the Stress Mastery Workshop, designed to be a highly interactive, two-hour crash course on stress.

The next Stress Mastery Workshop is on Saturday May 4, at 2 p.m.  

Cost is $30 per person.  

To register, contact the Barrie Core Wellness Centre at 705-719-7197.