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Alectra presents Moore Packaging with an $85,840

Improvements from equipment upgrades will save Moore Packaging $100,000 on hydro annually
Peter Moore (CEO, Moore Packaging Corporation), Roshan Rajmohan (General Manager, Commercial Air Compressor Ltd.), Ted Cooper (Plant Manager, Moore Packaging Corporation), Trevor Van Eerde (Key Account Specialist CDM, Alectra Utilities). Supplied photo

Alectra Utilities’ Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) team presented a Save on Energy Retrofit Program incentive cheque for $85,840 to Moore Packaging Corporation following the completion of a recent project to replace compressors at the company’s facility on John Street in Barrie.

Moore Packaging, a custom manufacturer of industrial and retail packaging, uses compressed air systems in its production facility to operate their pumps, die cutting, and corrugating equipment.

Alectra Utilities’ CDM team assisted Moore Packaging in upgrading three aging fixed speed air compressors. This included adding an ‘intelligent controller’ component to optimize the compressed air system to achieve maximum energy efficiency based on the facility’s current demand.

The new and improved compressed air system now offers constant air pressure and process stability, along with significantly reduced noise levels.

Moore Packaging’s compressor replacement project is expected to result in demand savings of 107.3 kilowatts (kW), or an energy savings of 700,983 kilowatt-hours (kWh), equal to approximately 13.2 per cent of the company’s annual power consumption.

"Many of Alectra Utilities’ business customers across our service territory have benefitted from the expertise of our Conservation and Demand Management team," said Raegan Bond, VP, Conservation and Demand Management at Alectra Utilities. "We are here to help our customers identify and achieve significant savings through the various Save on Energy programs that have been designed for both small and large businesses."

"Thanks to the support we received from Alectra Utilities’ Conservation Team, we’ve upgraded our compressed air to a new intelligent system, and the compressors now run at the right speed, and only when they’re needed,  said Ted Cooper, Plant Manager at Moore Packaging. "We’re on track to save about $100,000 on our hydro bill annually, not to mention improved process stability; as a bonus, it’s much quieter, which makes for a more comfortable workplace."

Efficient use of electricity can help reduce costs and conserve energy. For more information about Alectra Utilities’ conservation programs and incentives, please visit