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Mid-Week Mugging: The Pack is as local as local can get (5 photos)

The Pack lets independent foodies and cooks use the 500 square feet of kitchen space to make their specialty dishes

This week’s Mid-Week Mugging is a local as local gets.

The Pack is a unique business in that it not only brings local goods and foods under one roof, but allows local cooks to make it themselves.

Tucked away in a quiet residential area on the east section of Barrie is a spot where local food artisans can create and sell their goods and get their potential businesses off the ground without too much overhead. Stephanie Adams opened her store at 164 Napier St. in September of 2016 and has seen it grow busy enough to have different specials everyday.

“The focus of the shop is to support, showcase and sell locally made and prepared foods that are ready to go,” said Adams. “We have so many items to choose from and something different everyday that no matter what you like, you’ll likely find it here and help a local cook and baker in the process.”

The Pack lets independent foodies and cooks use the 500 square feet of kitchen space to make their specialty dishes, in which they then sell at Adams establishment. The 39-year-old single mom is in real estate as a professional, but her passion is community and cooperation.

“I wanted to create something completely different that wasn’t like an average take-out food and eat place,” said Adams. “We have so much fun here, myself and all the people who come in to cook and bake. That’s why the name of The Pack came about; the idea of a pack of people in the community working together to make everyone around us stronger.”

The store has all types of food available ranging from Italian, Thai, Indian, vegan and gluten free baked goods and even a guy who only makes perogies. Reasonably priced is the only way Adams would have it as her goal was to make sure everyone in the city could come in and grab some food to go when they needed.

“We want families to be able to grab a good and hearty meal no matter how busy they are in life,” said Adams. “We’re basically a farmer’s market all week long for those who are getting off work and heading home or on lunch and want to grab a different meal other than fast food.”

Another cool aspect of The Pack are the options of delivery and catering. Adams says that she has connected the cooks in her establishment to many businesses, weddings, showers and gatherings which is a great step for the food artisans to get their names out.

“We’ve had people call in looking for an event to be catered and I provide them with menu options,” said Adams. “Depending on what they are looking for I then call one of the cooks who specialize in that option and they get busy making up the food. It really helps those who don’t have the money to buy a restaurant or shop themselves, to get their name out there and help build their brand early.”

The décor of The Pack is similar to the theme of the food in that it is local art of all types that adorn the walls. As a collector of local art, Adams is proud to have her store supporting the thriving scene.

“I was with the MacLaren Art Gallery and have long been a lover of local art and artists,” said Adams. “Even the plants in here are provided by a local florist who does great work. The end-goal is to bring the community together in anyway always. It’s a great city, lets celebrate those who are in it.”


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