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Can't make the kids' game at Holly Rec Centre? Just watch it online!

New pilot project between city and streaming company will ensure live-streaming of games and on-demand replays; It allows people to watch games from anywhere

Expect the kids to add a little more dipsy to their dangle this hockey season as GAMEONSTREAM Inc. (GOS) will be giving an added element of the big game feel to some local sports thanks to a new pilot project between the city and a streaming company.

Starting this September, GOS will stream both live events and replay previous ones on-demand. Its automated nature eliminates the need for specialized IT, production support and camera personnel.

Rob Bell, the manager of the city's recreational facilities, told BarrieToday the project is perfect for those families where not everyone can make it to the arena for the game.

“Once installed, unmanned cameras will follow play and broadcast events to those who unable to attend the event live,” said Bell. “This is a great opportunity for family members, coaches, scouts etc. to watch games anywhere they choose. Those interested will log into the company’s website, sign up and pay a fee for the privilege to watch games and access to many other value-added options.”

The project was approved at Monday night’s council meeting. As part of the agreement, the the city will receive 5% of GAMEONSTREAM’s revenues as the host facility. It is estimated this would equal approximately $3,000 per year.

As well, all event advertising/promotion including television/radio and print, must include the full “Holly Community Centre” name if the facility’s name is used in the advertising; and will not encroach on the public’s privacy concerns except for the occasional play by the boards.

“The cameras focus on the play on the ice surface,” said Bell. “As the play moves, the cameras follow the play, therefore, if the play moves toward the stands and seating area, there could be a possibility that those watching could be seen on the broadcast.

"We have worked with our Clerks and IT departments to ensure we are following all privacy regulations. There will be signage installed to indicate that filming of this event is occurring and that a public broadcast is possible.”

Holly Rec was chosen for the pilot project because it is one of the newer facilities. Should it prove to be successful, it may expand to other local arenas. 

For more information on what GOS does, check out their website.


Shawn Gibson

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