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Woman finds rare double rose in her Lagoon City garden

Gardener believes rose, the result of a root that belonged to beloved family member who died a few years ago, 'means she's thinking of us'

A rare double rosebud has been found in Lagoon City.

Two years ago, avid gardener Annette Small decided to plant a root that belonged to her brother-in-law's mother, Anastasia Papadopolous, who died a few years ago.

“I had a root that we dug up and I’ve been nurturing it along. Since then, this rose bush has actually bloomed three times so far just this season. It’s had masses of roses on it,” Small says.

“I went out the other morning and I picked this one. When I looked at it, I said, 'Oh my god, it’s a twin!'"

In all her years of gardening, Small says she has never seen a double rosebud.

“I tried to look it up and I’ve read that they are really rare, there isn’t too much on the Internet about them,” she says.

Small says the double rose may be a sign from above.

“Anastasia had a whole area in the back of her Scarborough home that was all rose bushes. She grew vegetables in between the roses, it was quite unique,” she says.

“I believe the double rose maybe means she’s thinking of us.”

Tyler Evans

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