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The inside scoop on FunDoozies fondue fun in Barrie

Another unique dining experience is coming to downtown

Each table at FunDoozies will have two fondue pots and a grill.

You can start with two kinds of cheese or one cheese and one broth.

Fresh-baked bread will be made on site along with three kinds of fresh-baked soft pretzels.

Welcome to FunDoozies, the creative and fun brainchild of Barrie businessman Paul Phillips.

Phillips is busy preparing to get FunDoozies just right before opening in September. 

"I've had this idea for a long time," said Phillips, a former top level executive and entrepreneur who once started a successful Barrie-based marketing company with Pinball Clemens.

"I think it's kind of unique. Some of the staff will be singing opera and doing different things to help people have more fun."

The restaurant, that will seat about 30 people, will be serving gas at FunDoozies 'gas station.'

Helium to make your voice high and xenon to make it low. Just for fun. 

"You basically fill up a balloon and bring it back to your table. Both are harmless and a fondue is a very social experience. Everybody would have a good laugh to start it off."

There's no waiting for meals at FunDoozies because you cook the food yourself.

And Phillips is serious about the food.

"Breads are never ending. You can have as much bread as you want. We're baking all the bread here. I have a baker and so it's going to be fresh everyday. The meal starts with a salad and it's in a tortilla shell. We make our tortilla shells here," he said. 

And there's a special bread named after his mom called 'Madeline's Sticky Bread.' 

"It was always my favourite," said Phillips. "White bread but with a secret sauce on top of it and it makes it very yummy.  And it is sticky. It's something my mom has always done. It's the only place I've ever seen it and we brought it here. It's going to be really good."

FunDoozies will have six different types of broth, batter for mushrooms and you can throw your shrimp right on the grill or cook it in hot oil.

Fondue entrees include  pork, chicken, filet mignon and lobster tails. 

There are hydrated fruits and vegetables for dipping too.  

After entrees, chocolate fondue caps off the meal - natch - with up to eight different kinds to choose from.

White, milk, and dark but then there's also numerous variations like rocky road and a Mexican version that's a little bit spicy.

And wait for it: there will be a chocolate cheese fondue.

Patrons can win nightly prizes from FunDoozies' prize wheel and kids under twelve are half price.

Outdoor movies will be shown on a 12 foot screen on the patio and FunDoozies will serve burritos, pizza, hamburgers and chicken wings outside.  

Or you can use a portable fondue.  

So why would a high level executive get into the restaurant business without any previous experience?

"There's a sad story about this," Phillips explains.  "My brother was hit by a car in 2015.  He has to have someone with him. I wanted something to do to keep busy."

Caregivers help but with a mom who is 86, Phillips stepped up.

He can see his condo from his restaurant so it will be easy for him to go back and forth.

Phillips' original concept is already attracting attention and may well land him back at the top of a yet  another company - his own - FunDoozies.

"I do have an expectation that this will be a franchise. I've already had three inquiries now of people who want to do it," he said. 

And he hasn't even opened the doors. 

"We have to stand out and I think we're going to," he adds. "It's going to be an awesome place."

FunDoozies Fondue Bar and Eatery is located at 66 Dunlop St. West and is scheduled to open in September.

Due to limited seating, reservations are going to be important, Phillips said.