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Splash pad ready for kids at Lampman Lane Park

'Because it’s wet and you have fun,' said a boy about the attraction of splash pads
Where water flows at the splash pad in Barrie's Lampman Lane Park.

Barrie’s Lampman Lane Park is now ready for summer’s hot weather.

Since May 26, its splash pad has been open and ready for business.

Which means, for just about any kid. 

Why do children love splash pads?

“Because it’s so fun,” said MacKenzie, who’s five and a half years old.

“Because it’s wet and you have fun,” Jameson, who’s seven, said at mid-day Sunday.

Lauren Hannah, their mom, sitting in the shade with two-year-old Jackson, said kids’ attraction to splash pads isn’t complicated.

“There’s lots of other kids to play with, there’s water coming out a different way,” she said. “And in a pool you really can’t run around, but here you can.”

Hannah said they just live across the street from the splash pad and in the summer it gets very busy.

“There are certain times I’ll go, but there are other times we don’t go because it gets a little bit crazy,” she said.

Kids wear just about anything while getting wet at the splash pad.

Bathing suits for sure, but also t-shirts, sometimes sandals, sometimes bare feet.

The water comes from just about everywhere – from the splash pad’s cement surface, from overhead sprinkler arms, a large purple ball, even from two overhead buckets, which empty unexpectedly onto those who stand below, thinking they’re safe.

Lampman Lane Park is located at 59 Lampman Lane.