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Somebody put Patrick Brown's face on a billboard

And it wasn't Patrick Brown
Patrick Brown billboard
Billboard targeting Patrick Brown at the corner of Clapperton and Dunlop Streets. Sue Sgambati/BarrieToday

Provincial PC leader Patrick Brown is the latest politician to be featured in a Canadian Taxpayer's Federation billboard campaign titled "Stop High Energy Bills."

The billboard is already up at the Five Points at Dunlop and Clapperton Streets in downtown Barrie but the CTF is holding a news conference Tuesday for the formal unveiling.

CTF Ontario Director Christine Van Geyn says it's a provincewide campaign.

"The message we want to send to politicians of all stripes is that we want them to stop tinkering with our electricity and power bills," said Van Geyn.  "We think that years of government intervention has caused this problem and we want politicians to get their hands out of our pockets."

Billboards have been placed in Toronto, Mississauga, and Kingston targeting MPP's in those ridings and there's more to come. 

A billboard featuring Brown will also be unveiled in Midland because it encompasses his riding.

"He's on the right track when he says he wants to repeal the cap and trade carbon tax but where really we think he's wading back into the same kind of problems is when he says he wants a different kind of carbon tax," said Van Geyn. 

Van Geyn called the Liberal government's move to cut energy bills 17 percent a 'political solution.'

"It is a real short term solution to try and make things look better in a lead up to an election," she said. "That's a political solution and not a solution to the energy crisis we are faced with in this province."


Sue Sgambati

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