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Pierre Radisson reaches Midland after tough day of icebreaking

The ship was stalled by enormous ice ridges north of Hope Island

After a full day spent breaking tough ice on southern Georgian Bay the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Pierre Radisson has arrived in Midland Harbour.

Previous attempts to reach Midland were stalled by enormous ice ridges north of Hope Island measuring up to six metres (over 19 feet).

To all those in Midland watching the Pierre Radisson's much-anticipated arrival, we appreciate your support!

On the Great Lakes, the Canadian Coast Guard has assisted 235 vessels so far this icebreaking season.

CCGS Pierre Radisson is a medium icebreaker home-ported in Quebec City. It spends its winters icebreaking in central Canada and its summers in the Arctic, escorting ships in the annual resupply of northern communities.

There are 38 officers and crew onboard.