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Part with some scratch, help some cats

Furry Friends fundraiser offers great prizes
Enter Furry Friends' fundraiser this month to give cats like this a loving home. Marian Wilkins for BarrieToday

Folks in Barrie who have a love affair with animals – or would like to start one – this Valentine’s week could do themselves a great favour by visiting the Furry Friends shelter on Hart Drive. If their fancy is toward the feline species, all it would take is some cash to help not only the kitty they’ve got their eye on now, but many potential cat friends, desperately in search of a loving home.

The fundraiser at Furry Friends is going on all month, with all sorts of great prizes, and spokesperson Verena Kompf says this one comes with a difference.

“(Those) donating will be entered to win one of our prizes. It is different because it (involves) a larger amount where our other fundraiser did not have much of a goal, but we are hoping to get the word out there this time via social media.”

Kompf expresses excitement at the numerous sponsors who have offered up the prizes

“You can enter to in a handmade blanket with a $25 gift card, a screwdriver-and-bit set, steak knives, a Guess watch, basket filled with Items from Adams Honey: (such as) Northern, Cedar w/ green clay and honey soap, beeswax lip balm, two jars of honey."

What’s more, “you can win a cat basket, Godiva Chocolate gift basket, Norwex package which includes make up/body cloths, window cloths and cleaning cloths, dusting cloth, dusting mitt."

Lastly, “you can enter to win Holland Marsh Winery Tours ($150 value)."

And, along with the thrill of winning a great prize, comes the nice, warm feeling of helping animals who cannot help themselves.

This fundraiser, adds Kompf, “is going to help with being able to help more cats now and in the future in terms of medical bills, food, and any other care they may need.”

And, at the risk of tugging further at the old heartstrings, Kompf adds the need at this time is as great as it’s ever been.

“We have many cats looking for their forever homes and we will always have cats needing homes. We house hundreds of cats each year. We have cats, that have been with us for many years, (and) who can’t be picked up, need extra TLC and understanding of their personalities who are looking for a home.”  

If you’d like to know more about the fundraiser, or adoption, access the Furry Friends website by visiting the website


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